• Performance Rock | Climbing Walls
    A comprehensive branding process for leading Israeli network of Boulder climbing gyms.

    Performance Rock Logo Design

    Performance `rocks
    performance Rock Website
    ^  coming up! Video-based website.
    Performance Rock Branding Hats

    Performance Rock Facebook Cover

    Performance Rock Brochure

    ^ Graphic language for 'Performance Rock' Tel Aviv (green), brochures, labels, cards, price lists & other printed items for the Wall and the Bar.

    Performance Rock Beer Cards

    Performance Rock Branding Design

    Implementation of signage space, labels and ads.

    Performance Rock Stickers

    We are in action :)

    Performance Rock Kids Tattoos

    ^ kids Tattoos!

    Oktoberfest Poster Design

    Posters Design to promote events and courses for the Wall.
    Climbing Courses Poster Design

    Facebook Posts Design

    Ads & facebook posts design

    Performance Rock Facebook Posts Design

    Kids bouldering camp landing page Design
    ^ Landing Page design to promote Performance Rock's stunning summer camps. 

    Women Climbing Poster Design


    art Direction: Avital Tseitlin
    Design: Uria Bass