• Bezalel Academy | Graduates Ltd

    Initiative, production and event design for the graduates of Visual Communication Department at Bezalel.

    The event emphasized the professional connection between Alumni, creating collaborations and business consulting.

    visit the event website here! : avitalster.com/bogrim

    לוגו בוגרים בע

    bogrim baam bus

    bogrim baam tizers uria bass anna tsiganchuk dor tennenbaum yoav lavi
    ^ Teasers for the event to be filled in by the Graduates, below are three teasers designed by Dor Tenenbaum + Yoav Lavi, Uria Bass and Anna Tsiganchuk.

    אתר בוגרים בע

    event's website

    bogrim baam stickers

    ^ Stickers for the participants

    bogrim baam event adam sherez

    ^ Adam Sherez discloses his insights to the graduates :)

    bogrim baam last bus seats


    In collaboration with: Department of Visual Communication, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem
    Production: Moran Zarchi, Avital Tseitlin
    Design & Copywriting: Avital Tseitlin, Uria Bass
    Special thanks to: Julia Smelansky, Arkady Zaifman, Yotam Kellner, Noam Weiner and more Graduates Ltd. for the help!
    Site Development: Roi Milgalter
    Photography: Arik Ninio