• work process

    Studio Avitalster offers branding services, web design, and amination production. You’re welcome to have a read through the stages of our working processes. How does the branding process start out? Why can’t it be “just a logo”? What is a “responsive website”, and why is it important to characterize before designing? How many types of pages are there in a website, and how are they managed? Why is 30 seconds a long time in animation? and How do you convince your target audience to do business with you before your competitors? Happy reading!

    Brand characterization What exactly is a branding process? When a business is looking to maximize its potential, put itself on the map, and reach its target audience most effectively - the branding process is the central tool to achieving success. We begin by analysing the business and market: we establish our target audience, compare the business to its competitors, and from there we define the brand’s identity: its values, uniqueness, and the message it conveys.
    Logo design and Visual language

    To jump-start the design stage we begin by forming a visual inspiration board. At this point we are open to all possibilities whilst reviewing a wide range of relevant sources for inspiration. Through analysis, these sources are narrowed down to inform our characterization brief. Three possible directions for a logo and visual language are then designed including: graphic elements, writing style, use of photography and more.

    Together with the client we pick the direction that is best suited and we refine it to the desired result.
    Designing items for the business’ needs Once we have finalised the visual language, it’s time to see the brand take shape. We design a number of items that the business needs: packaging, stationary, facebook page, signage, brochures, presentations and any other points of contact where the business meets its clients for a successful first date!
    Website characterization Before designing a new website, we stop for a moment and think: what is it you want to gain from the site? Who are the people who will visit it? How will they get there and how much patience will they have? In a joint meeting we will discuss different scenarios for the client’s online experience: the material that the website contains, and the relevant calls to action. We sketch out the primary pages, check that nothing is missing, and get going!
    Designing the website At the design stage we take the wireframes produced during the characterization process and begin applying to it the brand’s visual language. An average website contains 3-5 different types of pages that are easily replicable according to the content. Website design is different to graphic design for print since it is experienced through a range of different devices that continuously change. It is possible to design a responsive website - one that is built from a number of versions that adapt to the viewing device used. We don’t use templates so as to create a unique and effective design for each client and their needs.

    Website development In the final stage, the website is built using PHP javascript in accordance with the client’s chosen design. Buttons, animation, fonts - everything comes to life to encourage interaction :) At the same time, a content management system is set up for the client to update the website as desired. It’s also possible to build the website in Flash, HTML5, and using any content management system such as Wordpress.

    Script A short film is a way to tell a story. Similarly to a story - we start from the beginning. What is the idea you want to convey? What is the process you wish to illustrate or explain? Where do you want the story to lead its viewers? We will write a script for the animation and choose the most appropriate technique for its production. An effective video shouldn’t be longer than 45 seconds, more than that causes the viewer to lose patience. Saying that, animation is an extremely effective tool when done right.
    Storyboarding and frame design Once the script is approved, we begin the process of storyboarding and designing a number of frames that will define the look and technique - animated text, icons, characters, and illustration style. For each scenario there is a creative technique that will convey the message most effectively.
    Video & Animation production Animation, animation, animation! We roll up our sleeves and get to it - putting together all the shots that make up the video, and bringing them to life. We photograph, record, do voiceovers if necessary, add sound effects and any other ingredent needed to produce a stunning video.